We are a Hong Kong based organization with offices (H&W) & factories within Mainland China(Qixuan Shichuang). Our diversified core management team consists Expert Engineers, having many years of business success assisting companies reach their ultimate goal. We offer the following services and have worked with many companies reach their ultimate production needs, critical timelines and cost measures effectively.

Services include:

OEM/ODM Mechatronics design services.

Prototyping PCB, PCBA and Mechanical

Electronics, Mechanical, Manufacturing consulting and design services

Small to Medium & Mass-production (Owned Factory)

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management.

Regulatory certifications consulting and services FCC, CE, EMC, R&TTE, Environmental , Safety, UL, TUV and SGS

Quality assurance and control. DFM, DFTA incoming and outgoing QC ISO9001

11-072018Injection Molding

What is it? A molten plastic (liquid) is injected into a steel mold. Plastic cools down (using cold runners) Steel tool opens Parts fall out What is needed? A mold (usually made from steel) Plastic granules What is it typically used for? Housing (the part of the product you normally see) Transmissions Joints What are the advantages? Low part cost High volume production Good surface finish Simplies assembly What are the disadvanteges? High tooling cost Dificult to make changes Requires uniform wall thickness Long lead times

11-062018A scalable, cost-effective, rep

From several working prototypes to a scalable, cost-effective, repeatable process to make 1.000 to 1.000.000 products. Prototype: Build a works-like and a looks-like prototype EV(T): Engineering Verification (Test) What will happen: Your works-like and looks-like prototype get combined into 1 product. The DFM partner orders a small amount of PCB's from the PCB house. Typical time: 4-5 months Typical price per unit: 15k usd Typical units produced: 5-10 iterations of the product. Output: a working prototype that (usually) is in a 3D printed or silicon molded enclosure DV(T): Design Verification (

10-252018One Stop Service from fully tu

Our new customer from Hungary, he is a young CEO, he works so hard during working time but a funny person at off time, we had really nice period in SZ. He encountered many unsolvable problems in the production process in Hungary before we cooperate. We helped him solve all the problems. After we set up the test program, the delivery time of his electronics will be one week in advance. We could offer our customers a series of customized solutions including from pcb, molding, injection, pcb assembly , box build and Logistics. Our Service is from fully turnkey prototype to mass production for har

09-21201809/20/2018, American regular cu

09/20/2018, American regular customers of Nelson-miller Co,. LTD came to our factory for a return visit. After many telephone conversations, we made a return visit with our regular customers of Nelson-miller Co,. LTD in the United States. They came to our factory to visit and discuss the batch of goods they were dealing with. They also played the role of supervision and check. We showed them the development process of our factory and lay a good and stable cooperative relationship for the long-term cooperation. The reason we are able to reach a stable deal is that they believe that our quality i

09-1520182018/9/13, French customer and

2018/09/13, French customers came to our conference room to learn about our company and products. We have showed him our finished products. He gave ahigh compliment of our products and show the high interest of what we are goingto meet his needs. Later he took out a sample of his product to show thedetailed components. After the discusion of the product,we took a factorytour. We took him to visit our hardware facilities and the professional operation process of the staff, we came to the assembly workshop on the third floor. We introduced him the equipment and operation process. As he nodded fr

09-062018Cooperation meeting

We're very grateful to the partner for their long-term recognition and support. In order to let the partners know more about us, achieve win-win cooperation and create brilliant future, we invite partners to visit our factory every year, and our solid product quality is also Because your supervision HW has engineering resources in the US, Korea and China to support engineering needs from high to simple time-consuming design, including: industrial design Mechanical Design PCB layout / redesign Soft/hard tool design Sheet/metal die casting mold design DFM for PCBA and tool design Software engine


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