H&W aims to transform industrial and automation supply chains with our global manufacturing solutions leaving a footprint in the market that will resonate with consumers and competitors. We design solutions that will reduce costs, risks, and complexity while enhancing quality and visibility in the market. H&W produced light & heavy equipment, smart motors, automation, and agricultural devices.

H&W has partnered with top-tier companies and start-ups alike to produce products such a card readers, robotics, utility devices, and agriculture equipment. We are confident that our design to scale solutions will help our clients reach the market faster than competitors and reduce costs and risks. We will deliver quality through every step of the product lifecycle.

The market for agricultural commodities and devices requires innovative solutions needed to simplify the complex process of managing and maintaining the cash crops that can be difficult to cultivate. H&W works to streamline the process by building rainfall measurement devices, crop water forecasting apparatus, and yield stress devices. From design, supply chain management, and logistics let us handle the complexity of building up the product and preparing it for the competitive market.

        Smart Manufacturing

Turnkey PCB assembly

Access control assembly

Control panel assembly

Mechanism Assembly

Plastic injection tooling and parts

Metal enclosure tooling and parts

Machine and stamped sheet parts

Rubber, Membrane Switch, Wire cable