One Stop Service from fully turnkey prototype to mass produ

2018-10-25 admin

Our new customer from Hungary, he is a young CEO, he works so hard during working time but a funny person at off time, we had really nice period in SZ.

He encountered many unsolvable problems in the production process in Hungary before we cooperate. We helped him solve all the problems. After we set up the test program, the delivery time of his electronics will be one week in advance.

We  could offer our customers a series of customized solutions including  from pcb, molding, injection, pcb assembly , box build and Logistics. 

Our Service is from fully turnkey prototype to mass production for hardware startup campaign projects, CM,EMS, OEM, ODM service range:

UPS solar inverter Power supply, EV charger , AGV Power Module converter industrial controlled board Telecom,Household, FRID, b Buletooth, Automation,Financial,Payment terminal,GPS,Security,Network Switch,Lighting,Solar/Wind

Power, Smart meter home,Wireless Router IOT module, Plasma, Laser printer and so on.