A scalable, cost-effective, repeatable process

2018-11-06 admin

From several working prototypes to a scalable, cost-effective, repeatable process to make 1.000 to 1.000.000 products.


Build a works-like and a looks-like prototype

EV(T): Engineering Verification (Test)

What will happen: Your works-like and looks-like prototype get combined into 1 product. The DFM partner orders a small amount of PCB's from the PCB house.

Typical time: 4-5 months

Typical price per unit: 15k usd

Typical units produced: 5-10 iterations of the product.

Output: a working prototype that (usually) is in a 3D printed or silicon molded enclosure

DV(T): Design Verification (Test)

What will happen: HW partner optimizes the mechanical design for the injection molding process. This is done in conjunction with the mass production partner, as the injection molds will (usually) be on-site at the mass production partner.

Typical time: 2-3 months

Typical cost/unit: 4K usd

Typical units produced: 10-50 units

Other costs: Since the molds are created at this stage, the tooling/material cost for the injection molds will need to be paid (to the tooling house/ mass production partner). Typical cost is 100k-500k.

Output: enough units for certification

PV(T): Process Verification (Test)

What will happen: A mini assembly line get set up at the mass production partner. 100-500 PCBs/ metal/ plastic parts get produced and assembled at the mass production partner.

Typical time: 1-2 months

Typical cost/unit: 100-500 usd/unit

Typical units produced: 100-500 units

Other costs: Certification (110k-250k usd)

Output: Units to ship to trusted partners (pre-certified units)

MP1: Initial Mass production run

What happens: A real assembly line gets set up.

Typical time: 1 month

Typical Cost/unit: 25-300 usd/unit

Typical units produced: 1000-5000 units

Other costs: Line set-up cost

Output: Enough units to ship to your crowdfunding backers.