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Why choose us


Why do OEM / ODM with us?

1. Our customers benefit directly from our demonstrated design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise particularly in smart wearabale devices.

2. Here at Wearablefits, we believe in building long-term partnerships to help your business adapt to the changing environment you operate within. We will support your business when you need to scale up production or when you need an entirely new solution.

3. Unlike many large manufacturers, we offer OEM and ODM services that are perfectly suited to fit your needs. We want to be your partner not just a contract manufacturer.

4. No matter where you and your customers are, or where you source special supplies from, Wearablefits has the logistics capacity and experience to service the area. We’ve worked with clients all across Asia, Europe, North and South America, etc.

Are you looking for Wearabales Device ODM Solution provider ?

Being a leading Smart Wearables fitness tracker OEM manufacturer in China, Wearablefit supports smart fitness tracker brands with its professional one-stop Design & Manufacture solution

1) ID Design
The overall dimension and color can be customized based on your need
2) Customized Firmware

The displayed contents on screen can be customized, including boot-screen and all kinds of icons, such as logo, etc.

3)PCB Design and Production
We can design size, shape, sensor and power on PCB circuit board according to different product functions as we’re OEM ODM fitness tracker manufacturer.
Final Product Assembly
We can produce and assemble the components and parts of smart hardware under the strict quality control.

4) Customized APP available for the smart
Languages, names, logos and icons of interface could be customized to help you publish the app on IOS and Android 

5) Function Development
The functions of fitness tracker can be developed according to your requirements, such as special communication protocol based on Bluetooth, special sensor, data display and so on.

6) The SDK available for your APP
We can provide the SDK to your own APP. The SDK, including Android and iOS, take charge for the communication with fitness band via the private Bluetooth protocol. Your programmers only need to focus on the UI and business